— Drawing on the Utopic

Please submit your finest, and let me juror and choose the best.  For this  – Ground Floor Gallery’s 5th Annual Art Exhibition in Nashville, TN.

All artists will receive at least one image on the gallery’s page and a link to their website and/or contact info.

The “Best of Show” of work chosen will receives a solo exhibition.  The deadline to apply is February 28th. Notification for inclusion is early March. Work must be delivered by the 20th of March, ready to hang. Exhibition opens April 1st coinciding with Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl.

We are using that hashtag -#MakeAmericaArtAgain.


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Hi.  This is a picture of Julie Torres, holding her portrait painted by Brenda Zlamany.  Julie, an artist and curator, has organized the first show of the year at Trestle Gallery’s new space in Brooklyn. The show itled “INTRODUCTIONS 2017,” includes painting and sculpture from 40 artists and is a “surprising sense of excitement…”  I think those of us that know Julie, call it “Julie magic.”

The Participating Artists:
Luke AhernJulie AlexanderNatessa AminApril BachtelFrid BranhamMark BrosseauPhilippa BrownMalina Busch
Susan CarrDonna ClearyJulie CombalSue DanielsonDiane EnglanderLea FalesRobin GreenJay HendrickJesse Hickman
Jennifer KirkpatrickSusan KleinBarbara LaubeMadison LaValleeDanielle LawrenceLynda LitchfieldRosie Lopeman
Adam LovitzCynthia MasonAnne-Marie McIntyreJamie PowellAnjuli RathodAnn ReichlinJulia Schwartz,               Christina TenagliaJill VasileffKelly WormanPier WrightCay YoonRebecca Young,Maria KondratievAlexandra Rubinstein,
Claudia Tienan

Julie connects kindred makers, thinkers and organizers.  She is an ineffable force, gifting us this exhibition.  Below are some images, all are found here and in person at this address:

restle gallery
850 3rd ave (btw 30th and 31st st), suite 411
brooklyn, ny 11232

Trestle Gallery
monday, wednesday, friday 1:30 – 6:30pm
& by appointment – I will show you around.

subway- D,N, R to 25th or 36th B37 to 3ave/29st

The wall text.

Installation view through the gallery door.

Barbara Laube.

Adam Lovitz.

Diane Englander

Susan Carr.

Lynda Litchfield.

top bottom and left – Maria Knodratiev, Claudia Tienan, Jill Vasileff

Julie Alexander.

Rosie Lopeman.

This exhibition was an open call and Julie said “The quality of work submitted for Introductions 2017 was overwhelming, wonderful and daunting. Faced with an embarrassment of riches representing the current state of art-making in Brooklyn and across our global social network, it’s exciting to show mostly artists who were previously unfamiliar to me. Distinct threads surfaced throughout the bountiful submissions… tactile objects, sculptural painting, textural “things.”

“The work seemed to gather itself into a cohesive narrative without much meddling from me. I feel confident that viewers will sense this collective gathering too, though I am sorry to leave so many great artists out of the mix. A huge thank you to all of the talented artists who submitted, and of course to Trestle Gallery.”  – Julie Torres, Guest Curator

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Here’s my mom, Kay on my public art piece, Plaza Perch, sitting in the cold and taking it in, bravely as she has done for 84 years.  We all just got to take it in.  My mom is such a good artist, here’s her blog, sumiekay.

And here’s a playlist,  https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/0xT9UxliUWTs21q8l3GPQ5 which I am grateful for, seriously, from Kimberly Drew, cultural producer extraordinaire.  She is a voice for now, thank you.

Sing along for the better!!


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Guttenberg Arts has a small gallery and from July 10th through August 1, 2016 Jeffrey Meris’ exhibition titled “They Coming,” presents an investigation into the economy of migration, real estate, bodies, space and identity.  Through the use of constructed, found, ready-made and assembled objects, Meris alludes to a certain level of geopolitical permeability.  “They Coming” is heavily shaped by Meris’ upbringing as a migrant from Haiti, living in the Bahamas, where ‘they coming’ was more often a derogatory slur to both indict the peasant-like status of Hiatian migrants and also reinforce the sub-humanness of that community.  ‘They’ assumes an ambiguous identity fluxing between the luxury tourist, the alien or the immigration officer.  “Coming from where, going to where?,” asks Meris.

Jeffrey Meris, currently an Artist in Residence, at Guttenberg Arts.  Below are several images from the exhibition.

Jeffrey 8

Installation View 1, of Jeffrey Meris “They Coming,” at the gallery at Guttenberg Arts.

Jeffrey 7

Above, Detention II, Steel sponge, clothespins, 2016

Jeffrey 6

Blowout, 2016 Stoneware ceramic, synthetic hair, hair Curlers

Jeffrey 5

Blowout with Untitled, where the artist has cast his feet in and attached them to a suitcase handle, both 2016


Jeffrey 4

Domestic Foreign, 2016 Suitcase, burlap, electrical tape, tie straps

Jeffrey 3

Detention I, 2016 Sponge, Tie Staps

Jeffrey 1

Foreign Domestic, 2016 Shipping pallet, laundry bags, conch shell

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Pocket Utopia Salon met up in the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn the other night on Meadow Street in the studio of emerging artist Michele Mirisola.  Figurative motif share interior spaces and play around with textiles and some pleasant teasing ambiguities.  The below paintings are on their way to Beefhaus in Dallas, Texas.  Show opens March 5th 7pm.

Of One’s Own: paintings by Michele Mirisola –

Michele M 3

Michele M 5


Michele M 4

Easel shadowed between paintings.

Michele M

Painting resting on the floor.

drawing 22 feb 2016

And on the carpet.



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“You’re job as an artist is to try to a pay attention to where you are at the moment.”

Lawrence Weiner @ 7:59 http://outofsync.dk/gallery/art-is-about-showing/

Love this interview.

Today’s drawing below.drawing 22 feb 2016



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Cy twombly in front of his peony blossom paintings.

Palm trees cut out like paper.


The comfy niches.

Deltona, Florida.




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largeUNTITLED, 1965
Joan Mitchell

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I am finishing up the beer bottle labels (neck label pictured above) for my just completed home brew and am really, really trying to save some for the grand opening of post pocket utopia at The Gateway Project.  The labels (neck and body) and bottle cap and the brew inside have been all made especially for both post pocket utopia, an art piece and for (Em)Power Dynamics : Exploring the Modes of Female Empowerment and Representation in America, an exhibition inspired by the collective body of flower paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, starting in 1924, and Ana Mendieta’s Untitled (Facial Cosmetic Variations), 1972.

Here’s the list of the exhibiting artists: Jaishri Abichandani, Renée Cox, Ayana Evans, FLUCT, Angela Fraleigh, Chitra Ganesh, Rachel Mason, Marilyn Minter, Sophia Narrett, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Michele Pred, Ventiko and Shoshanna Weinberger. (All amazing and curated by the amazing Rebecca Jampol and Jasmine Wahi.)

Also, Shoshana Weinberger will be graciously contributing an image to the main or body label on my beer bottle.  Although I’ve been working on this beer all summer and preparing my space, I feel so lucky that I basically get to drink beer that night and experience this great show.  My post pocket utopia is right off the main exhibition space so you might have to look for me, but just ask where the Bad Ass Beer is located, which is a little bit down the hall.  Here are the opening details for the main exhibition:

(Em)Power Dynamics : Exploring the Modes of Female Empowerment and Representation in America

September 9, 2015 – October 23, 2015
Opens: Wednesday, Sept. 9th 2015
Exhibition Reception | 6:00 – 9:00 PM

NEWARK, NJ 07102

And more about the Gateway Project since it is a really amazing endeavor…The purpose of the Gateway Project exhibition space is to host socially engaging exhibitions and community programs to cultivate critical social dialogues. It achieves this mission through bold exhibitions, community programming, and support of artists that create work for social change. The exhibition space is co-directed by Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Jampol, two curators dedicated to activism, justice, and strong multi-disciplinary art.

The Gateway Project gallery space is a subsidiary of Project For Empty Space, a 501c3 non-profit arts organization.


Picture above is The Gateway Center.

My post pocket utopia space will activate a portion of The Gateway Project’s storefront level (as mentioned above just down the hall) and will be an art piece geared to engage the community.

My inaugural project ‪is #‎SEEINGNEWARK‬, an open-sourced photography project collected through community submissions.

newark 2

Beer Label above with text added is Georgia O’Keeffe’s, ‘Special No.21’ 1916 (found on this cool blog – http://jamesrussellontheweb.blogspot.com/2011/05/richters-skater-paintings-lost-and.html)


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Here are pictures of what will soon be a post pocket utopian art piece, where home brewed beer will flow and where discussions will generate exhibitions.  More studio than gallery and situated along side and within the amazing and expanding Gateway Project with Rebecca Jampol and Jasmine Wahi at the helm.

I’m embarking on another art experiment.  I’ve been hard at work (brewing and moving) and on September 9th I’ll officially start off with an open and ongoing call of photos of Newark, New Jersey (#seeingnewark).  On that night we will toast with a home brew I made especially for the occasion, which we are calling Bad Ass Art Bitch Beer (BAABB).  Cheers!!

newark 3

newark 2



Jasmine Wahi with her back toward the camera and Rebecca Jampol glancing in from the side, these two amazing curators are leading me a hand and an opportunity to really have some fun this time in Newark (with art making, place making, classes and more, more, more)!

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