— Drawing on the Utopic

Paul Installs

Paul D'Agostino getting ready for Twilit Ensembles, opening at Pocket Utopia this Sunday, March 3, 6pm – 8pm, install pictures below:

D’Agostino’s wall-bound sculptures perch atop wires set into invertible sconces made from floor-suggestive blocks of wood.

In the series Floor Translations, D’Agostino takes what is generally considered a linguistic craft and turns it into a formal, form-generative process by morphing blobs of paint on the floor into various creatures and protagonists, such as monster fish and shrieking chickens.

The accidental mark is thus delineated, identified and named, then woven into a narrative linking one drawing to the next. Each Floor Translation then finds yet fuller form and dimension in a sculptural portrait.

An artist’s book has been published for the occasion. Floor Translations, produced in collaboration with C. G. Boerner, is a graphic, humorous, tragicomic kind of picture book, a mysterious theater in which D’Agostino spins curious tales like a master manipulator of marionettes.

To buy a copy of the book, http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/517796

Narrative and language-based parameters are active everywhere in D’Agostino’s works. In his ongoing series of mixed-media collages called Futuro anteriore / Future Perfect, the artist explores the possibilities of linking imagery to a particular verbal tense. In his new body of paintings gathered under the title Nocturnes, D’Agostino employs a repetitive and phrase-like approach to palette selection and mark making, resulting in usually diptych compositions full of music and vesperal mood.

see you Sunday.