— Drawing on the Utopic

Researching Daniel Wiener for the Window Gallery

Two very good articles on Daniel Wiener's work helped inform, his formed window gallery installation at Pocket Utopia, opening this Sunday, January 5th 2014 at 6pm.  One article appeared as an interview in Bomb Magazine with Wiener by painter Alexander Ross and the other a stunningly written review on artcritical.com titled, “An Ethos of Industrious Neurosis: Daniel Wiener at Lesley Heller,” by David Brody.  Lots of images below, not all in the window but a good view into what the exhibition will feature.

Above, different colored plinths with tiny books.  The books are painstakingly stitched and feature digitally-shrunken versions of larger drawings by Wiener.  The apoxie sculptured book holders are ribbon-like stratas of colored geodes sliced and open.

Above and below, close-ups of Wiener's seemingly “cloisonnéd” book holders with the mini sketchbooks like the sparkly gems inside these epoxied geodes.

Above, reminiscent of scholars’ rocks and their custom-made stand with one little green ape face on the end.

Above and below, more wads of molten color, some with recognizable features, smushed-up like melted crayons that have congealed to then be twisted and pulled and ripped.

Above, a somewhat sinister yet harmless efflorescent worm from the depths of the ocean floor?

Above, a brilliant red-ribboned gem.

Above, one last wad of molten magic which one will definitely meet at Pocket Utopia, below.