— Drawing on the Utopic

all focus on Ellen

Opening with a picnic on August 20th, 6pm, Ellen Letcher at the officially merged galleries of Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden Pocket Utopia.  Pics from the artist’s studio below.  Get ready for Gaslight, Ellen Letcher’s solo exhibition of sculptures, paintings, etc., August 20th through October 11, 2014.

The exhibition title, Gaslight, comes from the American 1944 mystery-thriller film adapted from Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 play Gas Light, where a murderer convinces his new wife that she is a crazy kleptomaniac who imagines things that are not there, like dimming gaslights.  The plan almost works, but the wife’s sanity is quickly restored when an inspector from Scotland Yard confirms that the lights are indeed flickering.  Above, is a detail of Ellen Letcher’s “Infinity,” where a found recycled cardboard furniture piece becomes a pedestal for a collaged painting.

An invitation to a beheading?  Another detail above, titled  “Head,” 2014 4 ½ x 4 3 ½ inches Plaster

Panels rest on the floor in “We Met,” 2014 31 x 13 x 5 ¼ inches Laminated wood with acrylic paint collaged magazine pages and glassine.

Above, hanging from a thread is “Untitled,” 2014 13 x 10 inches Collaged magazine pages with acrylic paint with tape, clip and bag

Letcher reduces her color  to a very specific palette evident in “Untitled,” 2014 75 x 62 inches  Collaged magazine pages and acrylic paint on dropcloth, cardboard and tape.

“Saint,” 2014  22 x 10 x 10 inches Plaster statuary in plastic bag.