— Drawing on the Utopic

The Bud Light is the present, the artist is here every afternoon.

Reflecting on a line from Frank O’Hara’s “Lunch Poems,” I am reminded of Ellen Letcher’s work.  The line is: It’s like a locomotive on the march, the season of distress and clarity…

The title of the poem is .  Ellen has titled her exhibition “Gaslight.”  I have titled this post, “The Bud Light is the present, the artist is here every afternoon,” because she stops by everyday that the gallery is open, which is Tuesday through Saturday, and she comes around 5:00pm and we always have Bud Light on hand.  She has been dropping off new drawings, lately, see directly below.  We are getting ready to set up a works on paper study center here at the gallery, slowly but surely.

Ellen is a big help to me as I get my “sea legs” here in Chelsea, which is no easy feet.  Pocket Utopias are not created in a day, but I march on.  Thanks to everyone so far who has welcomed me over here, particularly Renato from Danese/Corey Gallery, our next door neighbor.  I really believe that art is not predicated on a particular neighborhood and it’s beautiful over here in Chelsea, under the High Line!

Untitled (With Enough Force), 2012 22.5 x 16 inches Paint with collaged magazine pages

and the Bud Light, below (product placement)!

Come by friends, we have discovered that Bud light tastes great warm, seriously!! I would not lie about that one.

More images from Ellen’s Gaslight:

Ellen Letcher, “Untitled” (Girl with Tan Jumper),” 2013  20 x 24 inches Collaged magazine pages and acrylic paint on paper

Untitled (chair), 2014  28 x 16 x 16 inches gesso on chair (this piece has a very special blue splash of paint, not pictured here.)

Head, 2014 4 ½ x 4 3 ½ inches Plaster

Untitled, 2014 32 x 50 inches Magazines


These Things, 2014 18 x 12 inches Cardboard, tape, magazine collaged and China Marker

The exhibition continues through October 11th, we’ll be focusing more on Ellen’s works on paper  in the “study center” here on September 20th, Saturday, all day, So please come have a Bud Light, a warm one!!