— Drawing on the Utopic

Just Passing Through at the University of San Francisco

What started as a candid e-mail correspondence that evolved into a visit via Skype to Sasha Petrenko’s fabrication lab class of art and architect students at the University of San Francisco ended up on the rooftop sculpture terrace of the Thacher Gallery.  Below, our process and Sasha‘s Pinophyta that clearly borrows its form from the pinecone.  One can either sit or wear, be or dance at this exhibit up through December 2015.

Skyping in the Classroom

We found an open-source design for a stool by Samuel Javelle, called a pod.  Sasha Petrenko translated all the measurements, figured out a work plan and set an agenda for making them with her students and allowing for me to chime in.  She really is the genius in this project!

Her students, all of them artists, did a great job, here they are up on the sculpture terrace.

Waiting to be perched on.

Sasha’s Pinophyta with Llewelynn Fletcher in the background and May Wilson foreground.

Sasha’s Pinophyta.

For Sasha, individual cells form a larger structure and in its form is a reflection on the conifer.