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They Coming – Jeffrey Meris

Guttenberg Arts has a small gallery and from July 10th through August 1, 2016 Jeffrey Meris’ exhibition titled “They Coming,” presents an investigation into the economy of migration, real estate, bodies, space and identity.  Through the use of constructed, found, ready-made and assembled objects, Meris alludes to a certain level of geopolitical permeability.  “They Coming” is heavily shaped by Meris’ upbringing as a migrant from Haiti, living in the Bahamas, where ‘they coming’ was more often a derogatory slur to both indict the peasant-like status of Hiatian migrants and also reinforce the sub-humanness of that community.  ‘They’ assumes an ambiguous identity fluxing between the luxury tourist, the alien or the immigration officer.  “Coming from where, going to where?,” asks Meris.

Jeffrey Meris, currently an Artist in Residence, at Guttenberg Arts.  Below are several images from the exhibition.

Jeffrey 8

Installation View 1, of Jeffrey Meris “They Coming,” at the gallery at Guttenberg Arts.

Jeffrey 7

Above, Detention II, Steel sponge, clothespins, 2016

Jeffrey 6

Blowout, 2016 Stoneware ceramic, synthetic hair, hair Curlers

Jeffrey 5

Blowout with Untitled, where the artist has cast his feet in and attached them to a suitcase handle, both 2016


Jeffrey 4

Domestic Foreign, 2016 Suitcase, burlap, electrical tape, tie straps

Jeffrey 3

Detention I, 2016 Sponge, Tie Staps

Jeffrey 1

Foreign Domestic, 2016 Shipping pallet, laundry bags, conch shell