— Drawing on the Utopic

The Visitor – Apartment. 38

Since Apartment 38 is a different type of art viewing space, I thought I would focus on the visitor, a particular visitor, artist Jody Isaacson.  Here the audience became what was viewed.

In Jody’s work, wax is often integrated with different structural forms such as cabinets, scrolls and wood.   Hand-dipped candles hang from the ceiling, together with wood-cut prints or exquisitely constructed paper dresses, pictured below.

An exhibition of Isaacson’s work in 2015 at the venerable Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, Washington was accompanied by this thoughtful essay – http://www.gregkucera.com/isaacson-essays.htm.  Below images from that show:

Detail above: Jody Isaacson – LOS NICHOS: THE ART OF LOSING ISN’T HARD TO MASTER, 2015, wax pendulum installation Greg Kucera Gallery.

Each wax pendulum above includes the name of someone Jody has known and lost, some with biographical notations or wax seals, all suspended and unlit witnesses to lives lived.  This is a finely crafted, wordless obituary.

Jody traveled to visit with us from upstate New York, where she makes work, swims, hikes and manages the estate of artist David Byrd.  Here is an interview with David Byrd – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VafTXJVa1hs. To quote David, “You get ideas from anyplace, anytime.”

In many ways both of these artists, Jody and David, came to visit Apartment 38, that’s this story.  “Everything we do relates to other people,” David Byrd

Our next visitor will be Aimee Lusty, which will also filp the script a bit since she will be visiting the “gallery” and not my studio.  Aimee has a project called Picnic where she converses with artists in their studios and brings lunch.  I’m looking forward to our lunch date.