— Drawing on the Utopic

Today it is Tim at Pocket Utopia

Today, Tim is gallery sitting.  It’s his last day before he heads out for summer vacation, so stop by and visit him (I’m bringing him lunch at 1:00 pm, if anyone would like to join us)!  He’ll be reading Aristotle (he’s getting his Ph.D in philosophy), so ask him about his summer reading list.  Below Tim and some titles:

Tiepolo Pink. Roberto Calasso.
The Anatomy of Melancholy. Robert Burton.
Praeterita. John Ruskin.
The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini. Benvenuto Cellini.

And  a little poetry, etc.

Charles Péguy: Basic Verities, Prose and Poetry. Charles Péguy, trans. Ann and Julien Green.
On Wings of Song. Thomas M. Disch
The Good Soldier. Ford Madox Ford.
Eleven. Patricia Highsmith.

Just cruising the links will make you feel well read!  Send us a postcard from your travels – 191 Henry Street, Storefront, NYC 10002.  We’ll be open through August 24th!